• Cortney Ecklor

Show Me The Details - Wedding Style

One part about photography, which I really enjoy, is finding the details. It is important to capture not only the big moments, but the small sentimental moments as well. The more weddings I capture, the more I geek out the decorations and the rings! These elements create an opportunity to show personality about the couple and their relationship.

Through my pre-wedding meetings and questionnaire, I do my best to learn more about the couple and discovering how they met, what their interest are and all the small details I should capture, which might not otherwise be obvious to a “stranger.”

When I first got into photography, I LOVED finding flowers, bugs or any small object. I strived on the challenge of capturing the details – the macro shots. While following and researching the work of other photographers, these images always intrigued me; they caught my attention more than any other pictures. I knew I wanted to incorporate this into my photography as well.

After meeting with Jena and John, I learned how important their faith and family is to them. I wanted to do my best to incorporate these foundations into their wedding photos. For this reason, I asked Jena to bring their Bible along to their wedding. This allowed me to add that additional sentiment to their wedding ring photos. I felt that bringing their own Bible added just one more step of personalization to this shot.

Another important element in John and Jena’s wedding, her flowers. John had arranged them himself! They were so beautiful with the extra element of details, the pine branches and gems, making it truly one of a kind. Although the bride’s bouquet is an important element to every wedding, these had just one additional level of importance. Therefore, I chose to capture as many images of the bouquet as I could!

If you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, let's talk so I can capture all the details of your special day!

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